Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is a form of Artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. It does this by monitoring and retraining models with newly acquired data. The intent is to, as closely as possible, reproduce a human’s ability to take in and fine-tune information continuously. 

This process fits nicely with how we operate here at Canerector. We believe in sharing information and ideas and providing opportunities for learning and advancement all year long. It’s just one of the ways we support our people, who we recognize as the driver of our success. Only by continuously learning and applying newfound knowledge can we keep evolving both as individuals and as an organization. 

Consider it Continuous Business Learning (CBL).  

It’s fair to say that CBL was on full display in 2023, with several exciting learning events happening throughout our organization. Years ago, our events were exclusively face-to-face, but increasingly we’re embracing the opportunity to go virtual. As a company with over 50 businesses spread across North America, this evolution certainly has its benefits. “Our ability to educate and inspire a broader audience at an increased cadence is a major win for us,” said Sarah McCarten, Canerector’s VP of Communications. “As we move into 2024, we will continue to enhance every touchpoint to deliver on our promise to our people.”

Creating Momentum at the Canerector Town Hall 

On November 28th of this past year, we held a Town Hall, which was open to all those within our Canerector group of companies. The theme for this upcoming year is Create Momentum and our Executive Chairman, Amanda Hawkins spoke to why this is such an important concept moving forward. 

“Standing still has serious consequences for a business. You lose your edge, you drain talent, and you miss opportunities. It also goes against our guiding principle of reinvestment and growth,” she said. “As you look to 2024, I want you to think about what you do to keep us moving forward. Remember, small changes over time result in a big impact. It’s like the principle of compounding interest at work. The behaviours or actions we improve today, no matter how small, will keep us creating momentum.” 

At the event, leaders from the various company departments shared highlights from their 2023 initiatives and provided a glimpse of what we can expect in the coming year. This served to reinforce a sense of shared responsibility as goal setting and performance evaluations are expected from our companies, as well as head office. The one inescapable conclusion that came from all the presentations was that there is tremendous energy and momentum heading into 2024.  

Basecamp Round-Up 

Basecamps provide a platform for leaders from different Canerector companies with similar mandates to benefit from collaboration. They do so by sharing knowledge, building relationships, benchmarking performance, fostering innovation, staying informed about industry changes, and collectively addressing common challenges. They are a core component of Canerector’s CBL mindset. 

“It’s great to see people network at an event, and then continue to collaborate and engage both on and offline,” said Marc Warden, Canerector VP and Basecamp Executive Sponsor. “It’s incredibly rewarding to hear people talk about the one thing they took away from these sessions and implemented in their daily work life.” 

This past fall, a series of Basecamp meetings were held involving the Accounting, Production, and Procurement teams. We also introduced a new Basecamp to our business called Women of Steel.  

While specific topics varied from group to group, the common denominator was an opportunity to come together to share ideas in the interest of both individual and company-wide growth. Our Controllers and Accounting team discussed improvements to address common key challenges and tips and suggestions for our year-end process. Production explored the benefit of publicizing KPIs and having them visible every day to remind us of our goals and expectations. Finally, professional Sales Coach Shawn Casemore led a time management workshop for our Procurement team. Here we learned methods to plan and prioritize tasks, recognizing the influence of natural behaviors and how to manage them by introducing rewards. 

Our Women of Steel shared personal experiences working in a male-dominated industry as well as how family has impacted their careers. One woman said after the session, “I am near the end of my career. Please keep these sessions going, it will yield great rewards.” 

The benefit of these types of information sessions was underscored in the post-event surveys. 

“Talking to my counterparts in different types of work is my favourite part of these events,” one attendee said. “It seems that even when talking to someone in a different division, a lot of the challenges we face are identical. Networking is incredibly helpful!” 

Lunch and Learns 

To continue fostering this culture of sharing information, Canerector hosted monthly virtual gatherings as part of our Lunch and Learn series. In the latter half of 2023, topics spanned a wide range of topics. From training sessions on Microsoft Teams to learning from expert speakers like Paul Hunt, who shared his methodology for communicating and providing value to customers, it’s fair to say we had something for everyone. 

If knowledge is power, then Canerector’s culture of Continuous Business Learning is setting us up for a powerfully successful 2024.