Individually, they are great. Together, they are unstoppable. 

No, this is not a reference to the Avengers. Although, like those fictional superheroes, Calibre exemplifies what can be accomplished when high achievers unite under one banner and work towards a common goal. 

Calibre Industrial Group launched June 3rd, bringing together eight of Canerector’s leading fabrication and construction businesses under one common brand.  

Custom Steel Fabrication

“This is an exciting day,” explains Calibre’s Group President Kevin Guile. “The fact is, delivering major industrial projects on time and on budget is an extremely complex undertaking. Calibre has the expertise and connections that make it easy for clients to engage with industry experts from design inception through turn-key field solutions.” 

Each of Calibre’s companies retain their brands, operations and organizational leadership while benefiting from collective strength to better serve customers. And with an impressive list of diverse capabilities, this means they’ll have the capacity to take on a vast array of projects of all sizes, at any stage of production. 

Guile went on to explain how Calibre makes large industrial projects manageable.  

Co-op Refinery

“Before Calibre, customers would have to sift through a host of suppliers to find a business they felt was right. Then they would have to go through procurement with each of them. This is time consuming, and a pain. Not to mention inefficient as you’re working through a job. Calibre solves that. By coming together, we’ve got experience, capabilities, and geographic presence all under one banner.”  

The ‘Great Eight’ that comprise Calibre Industrial Group consist of: 

The list of Calibre’s specialties is impressive, ensuring high-quality solutions for large industrial projects. They specialize in the fabrication of pressure vessels and custom steel fabrication. They offer expert industrial mechanical contracting services and excel in field construction and repair and maintenance of above-ground storage tanks. They are also proficient at boiler repair and installation.   

Storage Tanks

With a geographic reach from western Canada to eastern Canada and down into the Gulf Coast, Calibre is positioned to serve major industrial operations wherever they may be located.  

By unifying the expertise found in its eight members, Calibre offers a collaborative approach which improves the outcomes for major project delivery. Calibre Vice-President Commercial Ryan Lissel believes this one-stop approach is a huge benefit for major industrial operations. 

“Now we can all have the big picture in mind and flex our collective expertise to innovate and make a project even better,” Lissel said. “And keep in mind, we’re not only talking about Calibre, but a whole host of other Canerector companies that can be brought into any job as needed. When you have open collaboration through every stage, outcomes improve. It’s a simple as that!” 

Pressure Vessels

Guile’s excitement for Calibre is palpable. “This is a big deal for our industry,” he exclaimed. “Calibre sets the standard against which all big industrial projects should be compared.”  

Guile is confident the future looks bright for Calibre and its client base. “We take great pride in the incredible reputations our businesses have built over the years,” he shared. “I can tell you from experience, there is no better collection of knowledgeable, practical teams who love nothing more than to roll-up their sleeves and take on challenging projects. We’re going to accomplish great things together as Calibre.”

Industrial Mechanical Contracting

Just like the Avengers, Calibre’s strength lies in the unity and expertise of its exceptional members, making it a true force to be reckoned with in the industrial world.