At Canerector, we believe success at our companies is driven by leaders who inspire, support, and challenge their teams to achieve excellence at every turn. To help them excel in their roles, we also recognize how important it is to support the leaders themselves by offering training and networking opportunities among their peers. For this reason and many more, we were pleased to host team members from every company across the Canerector Community for our Spring 2023 Virtual Network Sessions.

While our seven virtual sessions focused on a different area of our businesses, each had a common thread of openness, learning, and camaraderie that fueled discussions about operational processes, technological advances, and valuable lessons learned through experience.

Kicking off the program in March 2023, we welcomed our new Engineering, Estimating and Quality groups, who enjoyed the opportunity to get acquainted and share best practices by digging into some common processes and issues in groups of their peers.

During their meeting, Sales managers discussed SEO and analytics, and exchanged insights about content development and social platform management, including tools and approaches that have proven most effective at their businesses.

Procurement specialists brainstormed ways to create stronger partnerships with suppliers during their virtual session, and discussed how vendors can drive value to their companies in many ways, including things like advance shipping notifications and among other information sharing tools.

Our Production session allowed the group to share their thoughts around employee communication, goalsetting, and how to generate greater value through cross-training.

Finally, participants in our Accounting network shared how they support their peer departments with data and analytics to drive key performance indicators, and enjoyed an engaging presentation on monitoring rates used in the estimating while input prices fluctuate.

Taking the opportunity to assemble leaders from across North America also gives a great opportunity for Canerector’s senior management, including Amanda Hawkins, Matt Warden, and Jeff Major, to give an update on the company.  With rising backlogs and strong performance across the business, it’s great to share our success!  We also highlighted some challenges the companies are facing like availability of new employees and volatile input pricing.

As always, it was a true pleasure to see leaders from all of our companies taking advantage of Canerector’s strong peer-network and motivating one another with tips and insights that will help their businesses continue to grow and thrive for long-term success.

Many thanks to all who attended our Spring sessions – we look forward to facilitating more interaction when we launch our Fall 2023 program later this year!