Operations Philosophy


We want to grow our business by reinvesting our earnings in existing business and with new acquisitions.

Long Term Focus

Our business takes a long-term view. We maintain a strong balance sheet with no debt. We recognize that markets fluctuate and make decisions based on foresight and flexibility.

Delegation and Empowerment

Our diverse businesses require decentralized management. We want our teams to run their business with minimal interference, flexibility, and support. We feel having great leaders that are empowered to operate their businesses and drive success.

Peer Network

One of the most important benefits of being part of our environment is the opportunity to share and compare with other businesses. Many of the businesses interact by sharing advice, resources, premises, sales leads, vendor arrangements, and technical solutions.

Flexibility and Practicality

Our ownership model allows us to be flexible and practical. We encourage autonomy and avoid bureaucracy. We want to be able to respond to opportunities as quickly and easily as possible.


We want our teams to be entrepreneurial and benefit from their success. Our discretionary bonus program is based on performance and provides large incentives for success.


Our model provides continuity and stability. Our experience over decades has seen many cycles, unforeseen events, and watched businesses and markets evolve. This context gives us a tremendous advantage in an industry prone to swings.