Fostering Growth

Our acquisitions immediately become long term members of our organization.


Our strong balance sheet enables us to reinvest in our businesses through facility expansions and new or upgraded equipment when we foresee a reasonable return on investment.

Camaraderie and Collaboration

Our pressure-free approach to encouraging cooperation is to hold semi-annual management meetings where the focus is on knowledge-sharing and camaraderie. We also host regular interdivisional meetings for individuals in other key roles such as production, accounting, sales, safety, quality, engineering, and purchasing. We believe that by sharing experiences and ideas, all of our companies can benefit from the considerable knowledge within our group of firms.


We would like our companies to work together but only when it is beneficial to both parties. True to our policy of autonomy, the decision to work with another Canerector company is at the discretion of each of our businesses. All of our businesses are in a tightly focused manufacturing sector servicing a broad range of clients. The opportunity for synergies is as large or small as you want to make it.